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Previously, Internet was considered a great place where genuine products and services could be found. However, today, the Internet is infiltrated by many fake companies whose aim is to scam unsuspecting customers. This has made it extremely difficult for students to get credible essay writing services. Students usually have numerous demands on their time and they opt to hire online essay writing companies to get their writing tasks completed. Their reliance of such services has turned them into easy prey for fake writing services that are more interested in making quick money without really caring about who they hurt in the process. Students have had to pay for essay writing services and instead end up with low quality, plagiarized products written in poor grammar that they can’t use to realize their academic goals. This has caused them a lot of disappointment and they feel that all essay writing companies are fake.

It is important therefore that someone does something to save students from this dilemma and help them regain confidence in online essay writing services once again. The good news is that there are good writing companies on the Internet whose services actually match what students need. What makes them difficult to locate is the fact that the number of ‘fake’ writing companies is extremely high. The best way to find good essay writing companies is by popularizing them online. This is why we have set up We want customers to write service reviews about the essay companies have served them so other people can use that feedback to make better choices.

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As they review essay writing services, we expect students to openly talk about policies and how clear they are, the guarantees that companies give customers, and the academic level of writers. We also want to hear about presence of writing samples, whether companies provide those to clients and what customer rights they uphold and rights could be right to timely, accurate information, right to get updates or access writers directly. Reviews need to talk about pricing as well, is it reasonable and consistent? From where we sit, we undertake independent research on essay writing companies to check the offers they have for customers, we review their social media platforms for any feedback left there.

After gathering all this information, we go back to the process of compiling informative reports that give ratings on essay writing services according to set procedure that considers how those companies support customers, meet deadlines, price their services, and produce quality products that customers can readily use. Upon rating the companies’ performance, a numerical score is used to rank them with those that perform well appearing at the top. This makes it easy for anyone who uses the report to locate them. This is a process that is meant to equip our visitors to make essay writing services choices that are right and not to shame those companies that have poor performance.

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